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wonderstuff.jpg The Wonder Stuff Diaries ’86-‘89

Miles Hunt, Independent Records Ltd, £30

The Wonder Stuff were a bunch of hairy indie-rockers from the Midlands who scored a whole raft of top 20 singles in the late 80s and into the 90s, with a brand of music which had a raggle-taggle, up-and-at-‘em, charm. They’re back with a new album this year, but this book, from their frontman Miles Hunt, harks back to the most interesting period in any band’s life - their origins and first flushes of success. It takes the form of unexpurgated diary entries written at the time, some brief (“Bike lesson with Dan Brooker”) some highly illuminating and honest. You get a real sense of what it must have been like trying to make it as a band at the time, a period when the music press held considerable sway over public opinion, and loads of press clipping are included in the book including live/singles/album reviews. It also contains a plethora of private photographs, ticket stubs, posters etc making this a dream package for anyone with any interest in the band at all. Wonderful stuff.