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bowieon.jpg Bowie on Bowie

Edited by Sean Egan, Souvenir Press, £14.99

David Bowie has largely given up being interviewed for around 10 or more years now, but when he did talk to the music press, he did so without the presence of a PR gonk hovering anywhere over his shoulder. From his assertion that he was gay in the early 70s (a bold move at the time, especially considering his stellar rise was far from guaranteed) to his dalliance with fascism (“I’ve made my two or three glib, theatrical observations on English society… I’m NOT a fascist”) he rarely provided dull copy. This book collects together a whole bunch of his interviews from 1969 to 2003, a period which saw a rise in more serious pop and rock analysis through the like of the NME, Melody Maker and Rolling Stone, and, rather than just trawl these articles for choice Bowie quotes, this book collects together the full articles as they originally appeared. So not only do we get Bowie on Bowie, but Charles Shaar Murray, Steve Sutherland, Steven Wells, David Quantick and Paul Du Noyer – some of the finest music journalists of the era –on Bowie, too.