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Music Editorial

streetpartyinsoho.jpg Local: Street Party In Soho

Street Party In Soho are from North Shields, but I suppose Street Party Down The Docks didn’t sound quite so snappy. Whatever. They’re excellent.

Street Party In Soho are described on their press release as being “Liquid Candy Shop Afro-Pop” which makes them sound like a rejected flavour of Ben & Jerry’s ice-cream. Still, they do have a kind of Little Comets, Afro-Pop thing going on (with more emphasis on the “Pop”) and a candy-hued vibe. Their last single, 17, was the recipient of our Single Of The Month slot in the July issue and we (i.e. me) described it as a “shimmery slice of NOW”. I wasn’t wrong then and I’m not wrong NOW. It’s a truly fabulous tune, unashamedly hook-filled with a full-bodied, get-the-top-down-on-your-sports-car chorus, and I’m super psyched to see what they do next. They’ve been around for a few years now – but are all still teenagers – and their debut single, Take Your Time (also good), snared XFM’s Single Of The Week. There are some great pop bands bubbling forth on Tyneside at the minute and Street Party In Soho are certainly part of that fizz.

Seek: facebook.com/partyinsoho