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Music Editorial

calfband.jpg Local: Calf

This four piece from Newcastle have been pulled together from the remnants of other local bands and their new EP has had me coming over all “Hello! What is this!”

While Dan, Ben and Danny were moving and grooving with electro jazz funk trio The Fantastic Car, John was playing rhythm guitar with Rolf & Cindy and Brilliantine, along with former members of The Golden Virgins. That was then. Now they’ve amalgamated; and I know what you’re thinking: three of them were in an electro jazz funk outfit; do Calf not just sound like an electro jazz funk band? Thankfully, no. (Because no three words strike terror into a music lover’s heart than “electro”, “jazz” and “funk” in too close proximity, right?) Calf have a rough around the edges indie-grunge sound, which they’ve married to a very agreeable pop sensibility, as evidenced on their fabulous new track Nineteen Ninety Fear which has all the scuzzy charm of The Strokes – at their whip-smart best - having a mini-break with Dinosaur Jr. And boy do they know how to play! This is super accomplished stuff and BBC 6Music should be all over it. So so should you.

Seek: facebook.com/calfmusic