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Art Editorial

edruschaDogcrop.jpg Ed Ruscha, The Hatton Gallery, 22 Feb-22 May

Woof! It’s Ed Ruscha!
Ruscha is perhaps most associated with the US branch of pop-art, but his work, as this new exhibition at the Hatton Gallery shows, encompasses so much more than that.

It was Ruscha’s deadpan depiction of contemporary life in the US that first saw him gain international recognition in the 1960s with renderings of gas stations and the 20th Century Fox logo. He also uses language in his art, often frontloading gnomic missives into his highly stylised graphic designs. And then there is this rather lovely dog… This exhibition features early drawings and key paintings together with examples of the artist’s books, printmaking and photography and covers over 40 years of his remarkable career. Prepare yourself for a veritable Ed rush. 

Ed Ruscha, February 22-May 22, The Hatton Gallery, Newcastle University