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Music Editorial

shultz.jpg Local: Schultz

Say “Well hello sailor!” to Schultz, a Newcastle based band who, it says here, are a “dark-pop outfit”. Crikey.

First thing’s first: I think everyone should know that Schultz (I kinda like their name) have a track called I Once Punched a Bee To Death, Twice (a title that sounds like it’s been conjured from the feverish imagination of Chris Morris). The song itself, however, doesn’t sound like the work of the great satirist. Instead it’s a math rock chunk of anti-funk; an ungroovy slice of discordancy with a smidgeon of hardcore and a dollop of, yep, what someone writing a press release might term “dark pop”. “Just kill me now, before it hurts,” the singer intones in a rather doomy manner. (I think it’s fair to say that Schultz are rather heavier on the “dark” than they are on the “pop”.) I Once Punched a Bee To Death, Twice is the flip of their new single, Vicious Van GoGo (another title to coo over), which also beats with a frictional heart, sounding like Talking Heads gone goth. Another touchstone are seminal punk outfit The Pop Group, a band who knew the value of jarring the listener out of any complacency that’s flying around. So if you’re up for a good jarring yourself, then let some Schultz into your life.

Seek: facebook.com/SchultzUK