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Music Editorial

argenswinter.jpg Local: Argen’s Winter

Despite sounding like a chapter culled from Lord Of The Rings, Argen’s Winter is actually this 20-year-old singer/songwriter. He’s very good.

Argen’s Winter isn’t his real name. (Although I’d love to have a meal with someone called Argen’s Winter. Could you imagine? “Can you pass the salt, Argen’s Winter”.) Argen’s Winter is actually the “solo project” of Declan Mulholland, a lad who was (still is?) in a band from Gateshead called Kredo who I remember giving a pat on the back to last year. His latest work is an entirely self-produced six-track album called Profit or Humanity (a title that sounds like it’s been purloined from an anti austerity demo I was on recently), and it’s fairly sparse of instrumentation, but chockfull of heart. Spindly guitars of a lighter-than-air nature hang in the air while his murmur of a voice takes on the injustices of neoliberalism (Profit or Humanity? He’s definitely on the side of Humanity). “So take a moment for all those betrayed, nurses, doctors and teachers dismayed. The ruined welfare state.” I’m not arguing with that. And while Billy Bragg is strident and full of righteous passion, Mulholland is more of a spectral, voice-of-reason, presence, but his anger is just as fierce.

Seek: facebook.com/argenswinter