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jupiterbook.jpg Jupiter

Drew Askew, self published

The first issue of this self-published comic by Drew Askew features Jupiter a squat potato of a man who was once a Mexican wrestler and film star, but, after a run-in with a mysterious amulet (“apparently it may have contained some residual mystical Aztec powers”) he has developed some supernatural powers and is now a paranormal investigator. It’s not based on a true story. Jupiter has got the Philip Marlowe style patter down to a T, and the requisite trench coat, but he’s also hung on to his wresting mask which he never removes. His latest case starts with him in his office, feet up on the desk, and listening to some sad sap pouring his heart out about a missing dame. Turns out that the sap and the dame worked together in the local lab and she’s not the only boffin that has disappeared. Jupiter’s first lead takes him down into a sewer and, needless to say, there’s something down there that stinks. As quirky pastiches go, this has plenty to recommend it with the daffy superdick/wrestling/supernatural combo being a very seductive one. More please! Find out more about Drew Askew from: inkandbooze.com