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Music Editorial

elcid.jpg Local: El Cid

Looking at this pic, I’d say that El Cid had a vibe? Would you say they’ve got a vibe? I’d definitely say they’ve got a vibe.

This is what we know for sure: 1. El Cid are from Newcastle 2. They are Michael Kinison, Rupert Hughes, Phoebe Stephenson and Jonny Winters 3. I’ve taken them to my heart. They tell us – by the magic of email – that, “We’re a bit psychedelic but have a strong influence of 1960s garage and Ennio Morricone” and they’re not wrong. Well, they’re a bit wrong. They’re not as scuzzy as 1960s garage - their guitar lines having a cleaner, Shadows-esque feel - but they certainly have plenty of Morricone style which gives them a big widescreen feel that is very seductive indeed. They are a bit psychedelic, yes, but we’re not talking the full double-dipped tab here; and the vocals are very nice, too. They’re due to appear on the outdoor stage at this year’s Summertyne Americana in July where I imagine they’ll be taken to a lot more hearts.

Seek: Facebook.com/el.cid.band