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Music Editorial

stigpromo.jpg Local: Stig

Say “Hi. How’s tricks?” to Stig (his bank statements call him Stephen Patterson) an electronic buccaneer who marries proggy flights of fancy to precision chiptune know-how.

It takes a particular kind of geeky knowledge to site Yuzo Koshiro, Norio Hanzawa and Motoaki Takenouchi as your influences but if you’re familiar with classic videogames of the 90s then you may have heard their work on the soundtracks. Stig’s interest in computing goes back to the days of Commodore 64s and ZX Spectrums, when he was learning how to code before he was even 10 years old. He completed his first album when he was 14, using a basic General MIDI sequencer, and went on to study for a degree in Music Technology at Leeds College of Music. He composed the original soundtrack for Ubisoft’s Monster 4x4: Stunt Racer for the Nintendo Wii, but it was his other love, progressive music as exemplified by Mike Oldfield, Genesis and King Crimson etc, which inform the albums he creates. His latest, Velocity, is a single length album composition in two parts; a propulsive melding of electronic dance, melodic rushes and, yes, progressive derring-do. Imagine the best night out of your life was actually a videogame. Well this is its soundtrack.

Seek: stigmusic.com