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horsespinkgold.jpg Bill Skinner jewellery

I love visiting art galleries. They give me an enormous sense of worth; a feeling that although life may be ultimately pointless, there are artists out there who can map the human condition in such a way that makes me feel like I’m not alone in this cruel world. Most of all however, I like visiting art galleries because they usually have awesome gift shops. And one of the best is The Laing’s which is currently stocking some charming pieces of jewellery from Bill Skinner. These include a hand carved bee and honeycomb pendant that is suspended on a 23cm chain; and also a quite delectable galloping horse bracelet, in rose gold, which has been formed from 12 nags going at it full pelt. And if you can’t make it along to the Laing, then check out their online shop which is low on mapping the human condition but big on nice bits of jewellery. RM

Bill Skinner jewellery is available from The Laing Art Gallery, Newcastle. shoptwmuseums.co.uk