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Just after the police commissioner elections last year one or two mainstream media commentators bemoaned the apathy of the British electorate. At first, I thought, unfairly because although the electorate collectively tends to be a slothful beast at the best of times it does respond to love and attention, which were desperately lacking in those elections. This obviously prompted me to speculate about the reason for this. Was the Tory establishment desperately hoping for the maintenance of the status quo by limiting information thus creating a vacuum which the electorate couldn't fill with the knowledge needed to make an informed decision? If so, it was a cynical ploy that just about worked as the political establishment up and down the country, with one or two exceptions, got the candidates it wanted. And under the withering fire from so called concerned columnists, media bullies and rent-a-mouths in the aftermath of the worst turnouts ever recorded, the government blamed the electorate for being ignorant of the issue and confused about the polling month. Charming. Who said blame culture was the preserve of the Daily Express and Rupert Murdoch? Reeling from all this we went into Christmas buffeted by recession, inflation and the accusation that we didn’t care about the democratic process. As we emerge from the dark days of December into 2013 I think we should all take a step back, lift the yoke put around our necks by our Tory masters and think about where to apportion the blame. Who’s really to blame for our apathy, our poverty, our disgust, our lack of jobs, our lack of hospital beds and decent schools? The Tories and the cabal of kleptocrats who pay to keep them in power? The people (as I write this) booking hotel rooms in Claridges for five grand a night? The premier league footballers crashing and then replacing cars for more money than you’ll be paid in five years? The sons and daughters of the Tories in power at the moment who are pinching state school kid’s jobs because they’ve gone to public schools and can work for free as an intern if they have to? And if this isn’t news to you, is it you? Are you to blame for Tories? Are we? Should we actually take the blame for all that the Tories have wrought? Are we to blame for Thatcher? For Orgreave? For Hillsborough? For Cameron? For every horrible thing the Tories have had their dirty fingers in every time they’ve been in power for the last thirty four years? All because we didn’t bother to understand the issues. All because we were too apathetic to move from our sofas. All because some us couldn’t be bothered to vote. Are the Tories innocent after all and the guilty party is staring at us from the mirror every time we care to look into it?