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Queer Editorial

quiverbay.jpg Quiver

Slippers and nights in, or bangin’ tunes on the toon? What’s a person to do…?

At the beginning of another new year I’m thinking about the speed with which time flies by. I’ve not made any proper resolutions because every day should be a new adventure and an attempt to be the best person we can be. It’s not easy sometimes. In the inimitable words of Mr Michael “it’s hard to love, when there’s so much to hate” and when things start to get you down you can always go and have a gander at some baby animals on YouTube. I’ve been trying for a while to do less of all the social media hoo-hah and concentrate on what’s in front of my face and on my doorstep. But you have to admit a cat playing a piano, or a rat under a blanket holding a little-bitty teddy bear is a bit of a draw. So maybe I am making a resolution: a resolution to be more present in my life. Who cares what’s trending on Twitter? Actually I still can’t believe I know what “trending” is. I’ve queued for Bay City Rollers (pictured) tickets at the City Hall and wore flares the first time round. I’m getting on, there’s no denying it. That Saga holiday is just three years away now and I’m putting off a trip to the opticians even though I now have to do that thing of moving text closer-to and further-away from my squinting face to read it. Sunday’s aren’t boring any more and I never go out on the scene. Maybe I just need to be a. Bit. More. Gay. The last time I went to a gay club I popped a pair of earplugs in. There’s no denying clubbing’s a young person’s sport but howay, there must be an alternative for queers of more mature years. And I’m making a joke but I’ve been thinking about how I am relaxing into a comfy lifestyle of slippers and nights in. How’s it come to this? Someone needs to give me a good talking to and wor lass needs to take me out more. Let’s all resolve to dance more this year.