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4wedgeboxcheese.jpg Cheesy Christmas present

When being interviewed for a job once I was asked: “Tell me something interesting about yourself”. I replied: “I don’t like cheese, but my favourite crisps are cheese flavoured”. Needless to say, I got the job (and indeed, am doing it now). Baring that in mind however, I’m probably not the best person to judge the new selection of cheeses from the Northumberland Cheese Company, but my cheese loving friends tell me that these handmade, artisan, farmhouse creations are foodstuffs of the gods. Prices start from 13 quid and each pre-packed box offers an assortment of full fat hard cow’s cheeses which may include Hadrian, Nettle, Chilli Garlic, Chive or Original. Ready-made hampers are also available. Cheese! RM

Seek: northumberlandcheese.co.uk