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Music Editorial

ako.jpg Local: ako

This lovely lad is ako (or “Simeon Soden” as his bank statements insist on calling him) and he’s a really rather good and emerging producer of, in his words, “EDM”.

Are we allowed to say EDM? I thought that it was a US construct frowned upon by in-the-know Europeans, and a catch-all phrase used to describe the output of David Guetta. Rest assured, ako is about as far removed from Guetta as a onesie is from sartorial elegance. Case in point is his new EP that features three tracks of envelope pushing and jarring rhythms. Against The Dark is a witchy brew of discordance that gradually builds into a pulsing throb, and should have those not easily unnerved up and throwing a few experimental shapes. Against The Light is – hey – a slightly lighter affair with some high-registering top notes being weighted by a doomy undertow; while Bloodfrost begins with some minimal knocking before the down-in-the-cellar bass kicks in, along with some gorgeously wibbly 80s synths, and propulsive beat. ako, who is signed to Kaneda Records,  is already getting his stuff out on BBC Radio 1’s Introducing shows, and if you’ve got any interest in electronic music of a more challenging nature, then let him challenge you, pronto.

Seek: kanedarecords.bandcamp.com