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2headsweatcopy.jpg Chris-Smiths Jumpers!

I wonder what Morrissey gets up to on Christmas Day? A small sweet sherry while penning flowery missives to the milkman about cancelling indefinitely? A nut-roast for one while working his way though the DVD box-set “Coronation Street: The Fred Gee Years”? No matter. I know I’ll be spending my Christmas, as usual, trolling around various relations while sporting new knitwear; but instead of the usual monstrous jumpers gifted to me by sundry aunts, I’ll be clad in one of these beauties from Viva Moz that depict everyone’s favourite Pope Of Mope, Morrissey. They are 100% unofficial, but, as they are made from 100% vegan friendly acrylic, we’re sure that The Don of Wan would only approve. How loom is now? RM

The jumpers are £44.99 and available from: viva-moz.com