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Kylie_Cover-smaller Kylie Fashion

Some of the best pop tunes? Take a bow “Hand On Your Heart”, “Better The Devil You Know”, “Step Back In Time”, “Shocked”, “Confide In Me”, “Spinning Around”, “Can’t Get You Out Of My Head”, “Slow”, “I Believe In You” and that one with Nick Cave. Classics all. And she’s sung them, live and on video, wearing a wardrobe that only the pint-sized princess of pop could pull off, whether dressed as a geisha/manga super-heroine, or a Grecian winged messenger – all of which feature in this lovely new book. Naturally her gold hot pants also make an appearance which is a look I’ve kind of made my own at Byker Bingo (and let me tell you, despite my generous backside, I turn just as many heads as Kylie when wearing them). The book draws on her many collaborations with the world’s greatest designers and also pilfers her personal archives for a complete record of one of world’s true style kittens. DP

Kylie Fashion is published by Thames and Hudson, £28.