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Queer Editorial

buttbook.jpg Hip Butty!

Sweeping aside the clichés of mainstream gay publications is Butt, a magazine launched in 2001 to much acclaim. Now the best of those back issues, from the first issue to the present day, have been collected together in a new book, Forever Butt.  

Bums. Love them or loathe them, you can’t ignore them; certainly not if you flick through any given copy of Butt that is (the clue’s in the title). But this quality independent isn’t just a collection of men sans pants, featuring, as it does, everything from candid interviews with the likes of Gore Vidal, François Sagat and Marc Jacobs, to finding increasingly irreverent ways to celebrate sex as being something joyous, social and, above all, silly. Attracting the talents of a huge swathe of talented writers and photographers, early issues are now pretty hard to come by, and eminently collectible, but this fine publication collects together some of Butt’s meatiest cuts for a book that succeeds in putting the sex back into homosexuality.   Forever Butt is released by Taschen.