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Music Editorial

huntinggame.jpg Local: Hunting Game

Here’s Hunting Game looking for all the world like they’ve just been told that Father Christmas is actually Nigel Farage in a grubby red santa suit.

Yep, Hunting Game need to cheer themselves up because they’ve really got something going on here. And that something in full: good songs that encompass both passion and melody in equal measure. Case in point is Sun Skin. Kicking off with the warmest of hues it builds into something approaching “soaring” before taking things down several notches and then building again. If you’re looking for some pigeonhole action, then you’ve got to stick this under indie-pop-rock, but, hey, some of my favourite ever music can be filed under indie-pop-rock. Adam In Wonderland, another of their songs, also demonstrates a knack for belting out slightly off-centre tunes with a certain amount of dash (let’s call it math rock without the really difficult bits, ie no algebra). What else do you want to know? That the singer can sing, that they’re from Newcastle and they go by the names Josh Callon, Jake Callon, Marc Burn and Ryan Barnes? You got it.

Seek: huntinggame.moonfruit.com (soon to be huntinggameband.com)