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tunehotel.jpg Coming to Toon? Stay Tuned

Tune Hotels have cheap rooms on offer from Australia to Thailand, and now they’ve just opened their first place in England outside of London – slap bang in the middle of Newcastle. DO expect five-star beds; DON’T expect five-star prices.

Well here’s a funny thing. After an evening out in Newcastle, it’s actually cheaper for me to spend a night with Tune Hotels than it is to get a taxi home (that’s taking their introductory offer of rooms for £15 per night into account. The offer runs until 3 November on stays from 15 November). But even without that offer, their rooms are among the cheapest you’ll find anywhere for a city centre establishment (and still touch and go whether I should stay with them or try and get a taxi home…). Of course, because they’re so cheap it follows that you’ll be staying in a complete hovel, right? WRONG! While they are famed for their no-frills approach, they don’t skimp on stuff like bedding (their beds feature high-quality spring mattresses and 250-thread count duvets) and ensuite private bathrooms (which feature those all important power showers). Prices across the Tune Hotels’ UK network (they have five hotels in London and one in Edinburgh, as well as this Newcastle branch) start from as little as £25 a night for a double or twin room and by using a demand based dynamic pricing system, guests are encouraged to book early online to secure regular promotional prices and special offers. The Newcastle hotel is in a splendid spot, too, just off the Quayside and only five minutes walk from the Newcastle Central railway station and Metro. It has 76 double rooms with windows, 10 double rooms without windows, 15 twin rooms with windows, and 3 accessible rooms without windows. But what’s the catch? Does the hotel host a night of Dutch hardcore gabba in the basement each night? Does it also double as a rest home for retired serial killers? Is it without a roof? No, no and no; there’s no catch, not unless you’re actually looking for a night of Dutch hardcore gabba, that is. Then you’ll be bang out of luck.

Tune Hotel: Newcastle, Proctor House, 23-29 Side, Newcastle, NE1 3JL. tunehotels.com