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Music Editorial

jenstevensandthehiccups2012.jpg Jen Stevens and the Hiccups

Jen Stevens has got the kind of singing voice that you instantly warm to. There’s a breezy confidence to it which just carries you along; it’s the opposite of jarring; it’s effortlessly pleasing. And she doesn’t go in for any ridiculous larynx mangling vocal gymnastics either. She’s very much in the classy mould of Peggy Lee or Julie London and that’s pretty good company to be keeping. And The Hiccups provide the perfect backdrop to such soulful vocals playing the kind of jazzy pop with a jaunty edge that have seen the band much in demand of late (they supported Scouting For Girls this year as part of the South Tyneside Summer Festival). They’re from sunny South Shields and already have two well-received albums under their belts – ‘Meg’s Hill’ and ‘Better Frame of Mind’ (which was their first independent release) - and if your appetite for quality tuneage has been duly whetted, then do check out their website for a taster. DP

Seek: www.jenstevens.co.uk