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Music Editorial

doctorsocrates.jpg Local: Doctor Socrates

Newcastle band Doctor Socrates have just released a couple of new videos to go with their double a-side The End of Old Tyneside, and they are quite superb.

I never thought I’d shed tears over the destruction of an old crane, but I definitely had ‘something in my eye’ after viewing Five Minutes To Go. The track – a rollicking slice of folk rock – is accompanied by a video that mixes archive footage of shipbuilders on the Tyne, coupled with the toppling of the two huge cranes that once stood on its banks. The subsequent gentrification of much of the area is covered in Archie And Them, a song that deserves its place in the Northumbrian folk songbook. Over footage of the elderly Archie and his wider family/Walker neighbours, the song speaks of his compulsory eviction from his home, and the destruction of a community. Both tracks are incredibly powerful, and the accompanying videos the perfect compliment. Check them out at the Doctor Socrates website.

Seek: doctorsocrates.co.uk