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Music Editorial

borderscout.jpg Local: Border Scout

Things that we know about Border Scout from this image: there are definitely two of them.

And the pair – their names shrouded in mystery (ie the press release doesn’t have them) - were on the cusp of success a few years back, but became disillusioned with the music biz and went their separate ways. And what ways! One of them took off for an isolated Irish island (and then a jungle in Maui); and the other went on barefoot runs across hills and mountains before becoming a gardener. As is the wont with such people, however, music drew them back together and, working with a pair they met on their travels – Austin based Stoney on guest vocals, and New Yorker Allen Farmelo on “production guide” and mixer duties – they’re back with a new EP, Hold Your Fire. And it’s glorious! The track Hold Your Fire itself is sublime; electronic pop balladry at its finest; downtempo but uplifting with plenty of hooks to go. Stars Out is quietly grandiose, while Game & Watch combines gently twinkling nursery-like passages with some John Carpenter-esque driving synths. What’s more, an album is due out in the near future – should be good.

Seek: facebook.com/borderscout (the Hold Your Fire EP is out on 3 November).