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What’s this man doing here?

This man is English Electric (not his real name) a producer from Manchester who is playing a live set of analogue electronica in Newcastle this November. Expect: Tasty. (And: Free.)

And it’s all to celebrate the release of English Electric’s stupendous new EP, All Mesched Up, which is coming out on Newcastle’s super swish CEL 36 label. Swinging techno, house and breakbeats around his head like a mad doctor of beats, this delirious release is right on the fizzy and I imagine will fill the room with good-times-to-go. And that room in full: It’s Ernest! The fabulous café/bar/whatever venue (near the Biscuit Factory) which is lovely enough at the best of times, never mind when it’s filled with fruity beats. There will also be a live set from TOKYOACIDCRU and DJs in both front and back rooms going by the names of Synthetic Organs, Funsize, Mr Phipps, Simono and Brian Feral. Should be all kinds of amazing.

English Electric + TOKYOACID CRU + DJs, Saturday 8 November, Ernest, 1 Boyd Street, Newcastle, 8pm, free. Facebook.com/cel36

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