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Music Editorial

BrightLightsIMG1729.jpg Bright Lights

Isn’t this pic a bit murky for a band called Bright Lights…?

Ooh I like a bit of a rollick, and so too do South Shields based Bright Lights if their eponymous debut EP is anything to go by. The young lady with the lovely hair is the singer and she manages to keep pace with some frantic fret work and jack hammer drumming with consummate ease. If you’re looking to pigeonhole them (and I very much want to) then this is “Rock” and the kind of rock that anyone who has a passing interest in rock would know and recognise. It’s a bit meat and potatoes in places, and if you’re not setting out to entice the hardcore sector (which they’re not) then you’re going to need some big hooks, and at the moment Bright Lights’ hooks are more Audely Harrison (UK boxer whose signature style doesn’t involve throwing any punches) than Rocky Balboa (fictional boxer whose signature style involves throwing many punches). That said, the band can obviously play to a high standard; they just need to develop their tunes a tad more to make them really have lift off.