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Fusion! Let’s have some!

Sometimes when a load of disparate elements are welded together, we’re left with an almighty mess. Sometimes, though, just sometimes, we’re left with something so beguiling that the only response is to quiver. Meet Mammoth Step.

I can barely open my inbox these days without being festooned by press releases from bands claiming to sound “like no one else”. Said bands invariably sound like four blokes shouting into a bucket and are uniformly rubbish. Mammoth Step are different. They describe themselves as, “A beguiling smorgasbord of African, Indian and Celtic music with trancey grooves and driving rhythms with a modern twist,” and, for once, we’re not going to give them too many arguments. Exotic but accessible they’ve even got a hang player for goodness sake? Hang? The hang looks like two woks glued together, but it makes a hypnotic harp like sound and couple it with the band’s other instruments – cello, tabla percussion, and yer actual harp (of the 24-stringed African variety), and sweet vocals - and you’re looking at, and indeed listening to, something quite unique. Should be a great gig tonight as support comes from local gobshite rhymer/piping vicar combo, PiPE RiOT.

Mammoth Step + PiPE RiOT, Saturday 11 October, Cluny 2, Ouseburn, Newcastle, 8pm, £5. thecluny.com