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whatfreshsecretcinema.jpg What fresh hell is this?

That Secret Cinema Back To The Future thing in London was a bit ridiculous wasn’t it?

Even before the well-publicised difficulties that Secret Cinema encountered with their screenings of Back To The Future, I still thought that the whole enterprise was a bit iffy. The premise was that punters would see a screening of Back To The Future but they’d watch it on a site built to resemble that of the film’s 1950s set-up, with real-life actors also chipping in for good measure. For the thousands who bought tickets – and sorted themselves out with some god-awful fancy dress - that notion obviously sounds like a cinematic night out made in heaven; but to me it resembles nothing less than an arena of utter despair. When I go to the pictures I get annoyed when someone is eating their Ben & Jerry’s with too much gusto; I’d hate to think how I’d react if some bozo with a fucking buzzcut was shouting out the film’s dialogue. Back To The Future is one of the best blockbusters of the 1980s and doesn’t need any bells and whistles to make it better. Of course, Secret Cinema claim to be selling “an experience” but in my eyes that translates as, “an experience nowhere near as good as watching Back To The Future without all this nonsense, but one which will still set you back 55 quid”. If they ever get round to doing Shoah, the 10-hour French documentary about the Holocaust, though, I might be tempted to give that a whirl.