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Music Editorial

loveandliesnew.jpg Local: Love+Lies

This is the Newcastle-based, and very brilliant, Love+Lies. (One half of them anyway...)

First thing’s first: I love Helen’s voice. Helen? She’s the lead singer with Love+Lies. (Her surname remains enigmatically not part of their press release.) The fella is James something-or-other. Anyway: Helen’s voice reminds me rather gloriously of Tracey’s (Bedsit Disco Queen and one-half of Everything But The Girl, Tracey Thorn, that is). And that voice is very much to the fore on their 4-track debut EP, The Moon, which is being released by Newcastle’s CEL36 Records. It’s a very fine demonstration of what the duo are all about which is penning soulful folk that is brimming with melodic intent and infused with plenty of heart. And James is no slouch on the vocal front either, the pair harmonising rather deliciously lending some really body to these songs which get you “right there”. The EP is being released digitally on 8 August and the four tracks become six when you add in a couple of remixes of The Moon, which add some nicely judged bits of electronica to the mix. I’m excited about this pair; you should be, too.

Seek: facebook.com/loveandliesmusic