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Music Editorial

circleHourfbpic.jpg Circle Hour

Circle Hour are two brothers from Middlesbrough, going by the surname of Lynn (both of them), and they make the kind of instrumentals that sound, to my enchanted and no little beguiled ears, like incidental music from an early 70s cinema advert featuring a young woman capering around town in a mini-dress and sunglasses, aided and abetted by some high-kicking percussive beats and chiming guitars. It’s swirly, it’s floaty and it’ll make you want to buy a sports car forthwith and drive it immediately along the Amalfi Coast. It’s also rather otherworldly, too – but they’ve made the kind of worlds that you’d very much like to visit. What else do you need to know? That they’ll be releasing material in the near future with American label FLA (Free Loving Anarchists) and also BEKO DLS in France? You got it! DP

Seek: soundcloud.com/circlehour