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tynesidecoffee.jpg Still here. Still amazing.

The Tyneside Coffee Rooms has been a true haven for those in need of food and drink (and a nice seat) since the late 1930s, and, what do you know, it’s not going anywhere.

Hooray for prosaic names. The Tyneside Coffee Rooms has always resisted an unwieldy lurch into the realms of the “trendy” with an accompanying ridiculous name change so beloved of modern eateries (The Dyslexic Bumblebee? The Frightened Fishcake? Come off it). And they’ve eschewed all notions of mismatched and/or distressed furniture, too; or tried serving drinks in jam jars, or labelled bread buns “artisan”, or stuffed the place with a whole unnecessary bunch of quirk. No, the reason the Tyneside Coffee Rooms have been around for over 70 years is because they serve hearty comfort food in a cosy atmosphere. Situated inside the Tyneside Cinema complex (you don’t need a cinema ticket to get in) English Heritage noted that it was a ‘rare example of a fine cinema café’ and no doubt enjoyed a toasted sandwich while they were there. Other stuff on the menu includes fish and chips, freshly prepared salads, all manner of sandwiches and jacket potatoes, fulsome soups, ice-creams, crumpets, fruit scones etc, and all at prices that are significantly cheaper than The Dyslexic Bumblebee. Coffee (naturally) is also served along with various teas, milkshakes and alcoholic beverages and past patrons have included Sir Ian McKellen, Charlton Heston, John Hurt and about a million locals. The current owner has been in situ since June 1984, a thirty-year stint, which, by my reckoning, is even longer than generations of Crack staff have been using the place as a meeting place/second home.

Tyneside Coffee Room, 10 Pilgrim Street, Newcastle. 0191 227 5520. tynesidecinema.co.uk/food-drink