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ivoryshipbag.jpg Karina bags

Sex, drugs and rock and roll. They’re not only the three things that are guaranteed to get Karina out of bed in the morning, but also the legend that is scrawled rather nattily across the front of one of her glorious new bags. (Legal note: The above has been said for effect. Karina will also get out of bed for The Wright Stuff on Channel 5.) And her “sex, drugs and rock and roll” bag has had its design tastefully lifted from a print by Turner Prize winning artist, Grayson Perry, who was so enamoured by Karina’s stuff that he gave her permission to use the image. But this is just one such bag from her collections which touch on everything from the more conventional (but beautiful) designs made from pure tartan wool, leather and suede, to bags featuring laminated travel ephemera, naval insignia and assorted vintage flags etc. She likes to make one bag a day (“which keeps me busy and away from the pub”) and has also branched out into making iPod covers and suchlike. She also tells us that she’s returned to her first love, tailoring, and is doing a lot of clothes to commission, especially women’s suits in styles from the 30s to the 50s. Our verdict: A really Special K. RM

Seek: karinasbags.co.uk; facebook.com/karinalynnhesketh