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Queer Editorial

tuckit.jpg In a New York state of mind

Featuring very nearly an actual blow-job, Tuck It Away, is an ebook describing Newcastle lad Noddy Taylor’s jaunt to New York City, a trip he embarked on not long after emerging from the closet…

It’s only been a few months since you’ve uttered the words “I am gay” and you’re headed for the city that never sleeps for a one-way ticket to sexual nirvana, right? Not quite. Noddy Taylor’s journal of his first trip to New York City is not big on hedonistic thrills, not unless you count shots of vodka and lime and slices of pizza as being the apotheosis of Bacchanalian excess. Taylor didn’t actually come out until he was 26 (also the age at which he started to drink) but his lack of worldly ways doesn’t stop him from travelling to The Big Apple (where he meets up with friends) and his journal records the sights, sounds and fights he sees while there. He’s an engaging guide, detailing trips to Coney Island and the Guggenheim museum (“This exhibition is absolutely fucking amazing. I’m loving the car bombs, wolfs [sic] crashing into the Berlin Wall and the clay people…”) as well as the numerous bars he attends which are populated with sundry oddball characters. Anyone looking for sordid tales stuffed with drugs and orgies will need to look elsewhere, but if you fancy spending some time in the company of a nice lad having a ball around Frank Sinatra’s favourite city, then give this a whirl.

Tuck It Away is available as an ebook from Amazon.