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Thinking Once A Week

Colin Stewart Jones, Iron Press, £5

Just who is the chief independent publisher of Haiku in this country? It’s Iron Press, of course – the Cullercoats based company - and this dinky little volume is the latest in their series. Perfect bound and printed on treated paper, this one is the work of Colin Stewart Jones, an artist and writer who makes sculptural assemblage pieces from discarded objects; or image based poetry culled from what he witnesses going about his day to day business. This collection represents a year in his life, with one haiku per week giving us snapshot insights into his world. “hangover…/out-of-date condiments/rattle in my fridge” says more about the ennui that engulfs you the morning after the night before than a whole essay could; while “I cannot argue/with the child’s logic-/daisy chain” displays a lightness of touch that the form demands. The natural world is an ever present throughout with snow on the river, a petal carried on the breeze, and night rain all informing and adding to life’s ebb and flow.