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Art Editorial

congregationalgalleryNEW.jpg The Congregational Gallery, top of the High Street, Rothbury.

You fully know what to expect when you turn up a rural gallery, do you not? Maybe some nice watercolours of “views” and a few farmyard animals made out of skanky bits of bark, right? WRONG! 

Not at The Congregational Gallery in Rothbury anyway. Their latest show “Bold. Colour. Progress.” features work that is as arresting as you’ll see anywhere in the region including Anielka Hampson’s huge textured canvases, which are as bold as they are seductive. Less colourful, but no less striking, are Justine Hedley’s exploration of the greyscale, done in oils, which evoke the shadowy intrigue of film noir. And Julia Fleming’s circular pieces (work pictured) take their cue from a microscopic view of nature which simultaneously seem to veer off into the outer reaches of the cosmos... This is just a flavour of what’s currently on show there (we’ve not even mentioned Barbara Franc’s stunning stitched Japanese kimonos made from recycled sheet metal, or Judy Appleby’s daringly angular approach to recognizable scenes, for instance) but you can find out more from the website, below. (Or better still, pay them a visit.)

The Congregational Gallery , top of the High Street, Rothbury. Tues-Sat 10.30am-4.30pm; Sun 11.30am-4.30pm