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Queer Editorial

blusher.jpg Blusher: It’s great when you’re gay, yeah!

1. Join your uni LGBT group. Join, even if you think it’s naff, even if you already have some gay friends, even if you’re frightened of other gay people. Especially if you’re frightened of other gay people. Most people you will meet at uni will be straight, so the LGBT society is a quick way to make more gay friends.

2. It’s ok to go to an LGBT event with a friend for moral support, but you can’t hide in the corner and ignore everyone else. If you do, and if your friend is of the same gender as you, people will think you’re together. If your friend is of another gender to you, people will still assume you’re together, and worse, that you’re straight tourists.

3. Sometimes LGBT groups can be dominated by super-confident loudmouths. Don’t be intimidated by them. And definitely don’t sleep with them.

4. If and when you go to LGBT events, beware Facebook tagging. Maybe you’re out to all your friends and family, but if you’re not, don’t let pictures of drunken snogging do the job for you.

5. But what if you’re so far in the closet that the mere thought of talking to an actual gay person makes you feel faint? What if you’d no sooner walk into a gay bar than walk into an iron bar? Then your only option for any kind of action is to play straight, and play gay chicken. (Google it. Don’t worry, no nudey pictures)