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aplague.jpg Samantha Carruthers

Samantha Carruthers is a fabulous name is it not? It’s the type of moniker that a 14-year-old girl might come up with when writing about a fictional female spy, possessing no little sassy charm, who jets off around the world, foiling evil plots as she goes. “The name’s Carruthers; Samantha Carruthers; and yes, you’re going to pay for that broken fingernail”. Anyway. The real Samantha Carruthers is a recent Sunderland Fashion Product and Promotion graduate who created a fictional brand ‘Swallow and Rose’ for her final major, which has went on to become something of a non-fictional brand due to the interest she received on Facebook. The t-shirts she produces for the range are all related to stuff that her family and friends have said including ‘Thatcher’s Britain’ (which her brother always says when he’s skint); ‘A plague on both your houses’ (Shakespeare’s quote would often be deployed among her student housemates); and, my favourite, ‘Never marry a town crier’ (I hate town criers with a passion). These t-shirts are imbued with (just like her fictional spy counterpart) the kind of sassy charm which we just love. RM

Seek: swallowandrose.co.uk