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StreamlinedCloseUp.jpg Miss L Fire

My old gran used to say to me, “You can’t go wrong with a nice bit of art deco, especially on your feet.” I always took her at her word, despite the fact that she was clinically mentally disturbed, and have devoted my entire life to tracking down shoes that have that art deco look. For, make no mistake about it, art deco was truly the last major artistic movement which could be said to encompass all manner of forms, from the design of an ocean liner to the look of a salt shaker, to, indeed, the things that we stick on our feet. (What about minimalism? – Pedantic Arty Ed.) And these shoes from Miss L Fire certainly fit the bill with their fan like frontage, diamond shapes and streamlined stitching: they’re art deco to their very toes. All I need now is an art deco ocean liner to promenade around on, and then I can really show them off. DP

Seek: shop.misslfire.com