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Queer Editorial


Quiver’s in residence at the gorgeous Crack for the foreseeable; so if you’re a girl who likes girls and/or boys, or a boy who likes boys and/or girls or whatever – you get the gist – then I hope you’ll visit this page and stay a while. Maybe you’re bi, gay, lesbian, transitioning, questioning, without a label, or even from Down Under (“I don’t care if someone is gay, straight or Australian, it’s the person inside who counts”, Barbara Royal to her husband Jim, in the sublime sofa-based sitcom “The Royal Family”). However you identify, hopefully Quiver will have something that hits your target. And seeing as we’re talking about labels – personally I like “queer” but that’s my choice and I know I’m not familiar with all the terminology. Rest assured that whatever noun (or adjective) used I respect and include all my queer or queer-friendly fellow human beings. Or as the bumper sticker says YOU DON”T HAVE TO BE QUEER TO READ THIS, BUT IT HELPS! (I detest exclamation marks, by the way, and only use one here because they are part of rear-of-the-vehicle vernacular). Expect musings on all sorts of queer-related shenanigans like: “Lip Service” versus “The L Word” and queer programming generally, dyke haircuts, Michael Stipe’s word play and lyrical imagery , Elton John’s family, Katy Perry and why her music is in the same category (for me) as the exclamation mark, George Michael’s beautiful voice, Jeanette Winterson’s language, why you never see the L-Word dykes paying their electric bill, Alan Turing and his apple, cruising for women (why doesn’t it exist? or does it?), Lady Gaga, Gertrude Stein, Peter Tatchell and Chloe Sevigny. Welcome to Quiver, hope to see you again next month.