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Music Editorial

simontaylor.jpg Simon Taylor & The Sundowners

This is Simon Taylor. (Presumably The Sundowners were taking the picture.)

The Simon Taylor & The Sundowners press release states: “Recommended If You Like: Leonard Cohen, Serge Gainsbourg, Melody Gardot, Bryan Ferry”. Well, I like three of that lot (WHO THE HELL IS BRYAN FERRY?) and so was looking forward to giving their debut album, Continental Girl, a whirl. And it’s good! They’re paddling in some very gossamer jazz and unthreatening funk pools, but do so with such a lightness of touch that you can’t help but feel yourself being wrapped around their collective little finger. They also wear some Latino affectations well, and, yes, some of their instrumentation does occasionally remind me of some of Serge Gainsbourg’s more reclining-back-on-a-flowery-chaise-longue moments. What other information do you need at this early stage in your relationship? That they’re a four-piece and come from Newcastle? Yes? Well, now you know.

Seek: simontaylor.bandcamp.com