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Music Editorial

detroit9000.jpg Local: Detroit 9000

Here’s a pair from Newcastle who will almost certainly tell you that the rave is most definitely ON.

I love a nice and preposterous press-release and they don’t get much more preposterous than Detroit 9000’s, which informs us that the duo are “a pair of star-crossed music lovers from the future, travelling through time on a pilgrimage to witness great music through history,” and “they travelled to a time that saw the birth of the music they say has probably influenced them most, DANCE music,” which makes them sound like a pair of day-glo Doctor Whos that have swapped K-9 for Ketamine. I suppose it’s their roundabout way of telling us that their debut single, Taking Back My Life, is an early 90s style house banger. And jolly fruity it is too, with an unapologetically driving 4/4 beat, and vocals speaking of vague positivity, this is the kind of stuff that fuelled many an all-nighter back in 1991. If you fancy jumping inside their rave TARDIS, then there’s plenty of room for a little one (it’s bigger on the inside, you see).

Seek: facebook.com/detroit9000official