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Queer Editorial

quiverchristmastree.jpg Quiver

Quiver is saying “get stuffed” to austerity this December, but pushing the boat out in ways that won’t break the bank…

The wife and me have been working like dogs all year doing double the work for a quarter of the fees (all you freelancers out there will know what I mean) and we’re sick of hearing about austerity. So we’ve decided to have a Decadent December. We’ll be practicing the kind of decadence reminiscent of Blue Peter advent crowns and whooping it up in a way that comes cheap but looks swanky. On Saturday we had a trial run in town and pushed the boat out a bit after a month of staying in. We went to see lots of free art (believe me there’s loads of it in the north-east), we walked along the river and after that we went and ordered loads of side plates in a posh café near Monument. We sat grazing for two hours before going to see the brilliant Lou Reed film at The Tyneside and then went home pleased to have spent under fifteen quid each for such a long and lovely day out. Fifteen quid has all of a sudden become a lot of money, though for lots of us it’s always been a hefty sum and I reckon, even now when the screws are being tightened so hard that we can barely breathe, there’s no use acting poor even if we are in relation to all the Bullingdon Boys. Let’s face it they (the politicians, that is) hate us up here but I reckon that’s no reason to yield. So in Decadent December (and beyond – this might even be a resolution) we’ll be mincing about town, going to loads of galleries and hunting out all those 2-for-1 offers and early bird discounts. It’s also time to walk by the sea, run round Jesmond Dene and get cups of tea from our mates. So if we happen to be in your neighbourhood get the jug on and let’s act like we’re not constantly being fucked from all sides by big business and political elites. Do what you can, to be decadent as you can – Merry Christmas Quiver readers and here’s to a happy and sequin-covered 2014.