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lovemesugarparis.jpg Lingerie for the eyes…?

Love Me Sugar make luxury eye lingerie. Huh? (That’s posh facemasks to you and me…)

The women vamping around on the Love Me Sugar website, with their velveteen gloves and full make-up, look like they’ve tumbled out of an audition for the forthcoming50 Shades of Grey film, rather than getting ready to tumble into bed for the night. This leads me to suspect that Love Me Sugar are, in part, trying to entice some of those ‘sex people’ that you’re read about to their store. Fair enough, but I’m a gal who, when my “eye lingerie” goes on, insists on my nightie staying firmly around my ankles. But I do like a nice facemask; they give me that extra bit of protection from the flickering street lamp that’s outside my bedroom window and manage to block out the sodding dawn that insists on disrupting my natural state (slumbering). Anyway, Love Me Sugar do make some lovely stuff and if you want to don one of their masks and then let some dullard redden your backside while wearing it, then that’s entirely your daft lookout.

Seek: lovemesugar.com