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Our Crack Snapper

snapper.jpg Snapper “The limits of the liberal media have been exposed by the trial of Pussy Riot in Moscow and the by the case of Julian Assange in London”

Just imagine, for instance, if Pussy Riot had performed an impromptu gig inside St. Paul’s during the Occupy protest or in Tottenham during last summer’s riots. Do you think our media club would have been as supportive of Pussy Riot? Of course not. They would have marshalled opinion to make sure everyone called for the harshest penalty possible. Similarly if Julian Assange was considered one of the good guys, a loyal media friendly liberal, do you think he would be in limbo languishing in a foreign embassy? Of course not, he would have been shipped home tout suite, assault charges or not. The hypocrisy of the media in both cases has been difficult to stomach, but ever since the recession The Guardian and Independent, among others, have more or less slavishly tagged themselves to the opinions of the government of the day. Yes, one or two voices have been allowed to bleat in the wings but it has never been more obvious that they’re quite happy with the status quo thank you very much. Half hearted support of Occupy, the student protests against academic fees or opposition to the American war on terror soon palled as they desperately shifted public opinion back to the place where there’s a pat on the back, and a carry on there. We’re learning our lessons well. Pussy Riot are the good guys and gals because they’re protesting in bad guy country - and who cares whether our media understand what Riot Grrrl is really about. Meanwhile we now know Julian Assange is one of the bad guys because he started doing a better job than our liberal media were doing, exposing the limits of our so called freedoms and what the leaders of the free world were doing behind our backs. It’s good to know our esteemed opinion makers have tagged him a rapist and a sex pest because as we know everyone is guilty until they’re proven innocent. Better he be sent back to Sweden and then extradited to the US as soon as possible. Whatever the Assange case is about it’s important that the assault charges don’t get in the way of the US justice department getting their man a la Bradley Manning. Like all those Pussy Rioters from foreign countries who have been carted away to illegal US prisons in a spirit of extraordinary rendition. Maybe we should leave the last words to Gore Vidal, “The bullshit flows and flows and the American media is so corrupt and so tied into it that it never questions it”. Not like our media in the UK I hasten to add.