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Music Editorial

facetheocean.jpg Local: Face The Ocean

Newcastle’s Face The Ocean look a bit grungey, don’t they? But – get this! – THEY’RE NOT REALLY.

Face The Ocean describe themselves as a “6-piece alternative rock band”. Well, they’ve got the “6-piece” bit right but I’d really be scrabbling around in my Big Book Of Semantics if I was going to describe them as “alternative”. They’ve got a sweeping, orchestral sound which will put you in mind of Coldplay or Snow Patrol but, significantly, they’ve got those all important BIG hook-laden tunes to back up such an approach. They’ve already started to fire up quite an online buzz and have supported the likes of Surfer Blood, The Dangerous Summer and Deaf Havana and have also played the LodeStar Festival. They’re already an incredibly accomplished outfit and play together like a dream with the vocals hitting that sweet spot between yearning and soaring without resorting to any ridiculous flights of fancy. And while no genres are being redefined here this Ocean certainly has depths well worth plundering.

Seek: facebook.com/FaceTheOcean