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baseshoes.jpg Base pleasures for the feet

According to many fashion gurus, footwear is going to be MASSIVE this winter with nearly everyone wearing something or other on their feet. And if you’re intending to go with the flow, then can we point you in the direction of Base London.

Base London’s new range of shoes and boots is entitled Manor which may make you think of a classic aristocratic style, or, more likely, dodgy faux-Cockney gangsters striding around their “manor” spouting stuff like: “He’s not getting away with that. Not on my manor, he ain’t”. Either way they’re very nice in a nothing-flash-but-gets-the-job-done kind of way; a safe pair of hands – for your feet. Their press release states that, “The Manor range delivers a strong contemporary formal take to classic country style. A sturdy last shape provides a high quality and noticeably British silhouette,” which rather begs the question: what’s a noticeably British silhouette? A fat man with a knotted hankie on his head eating chips in Benidorm? The uppers on these shoes look nowt like that. No matter, they should see you alright over the winter months. The cost to you: around 70-75 quid, guv.

Seek: www.baselondon.com