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Queer Editorial

quivergrease.jpg Quiver

The three most traumatic things you can go through outside of death are: a change of job, a change of house and a change of hairstyle…

I’ve been thinking about changing my hair, and the rainbow barnet, it seems to me, is either as coiffured as Parisienne confiture or is a wild straggle of fuck-you-I-don’t-care-how-you-see-me locks. The hairstyle itself isn’t that important, it’s how the person carries it that catches my eye. I have a dyke hairdresser and she is just so adept and accomplished. Whether she’s cutting gay straight hair, or straight gay hair her skill and her way with people is an inspiration and I think that hairdressing is a true creative – and hugely underrated – art. I have to admit that my own crowning glory is a bit conservative, I sit somewhere in the middle of the confiture-fuck you spectrum and like to live vicariously through the daring haircuts of others. I still love to see a good Mohican, a No. 1 or 2 on a lady or a gentleman and I really like to witness people quietly confident with their hair, no matter what it’s like. For those of us with departing or no hair the same is true; carried with confidence the bald, or close-cropped head can look very sexy. Sinead O’Connor in the Nothing Compares To You video still looks good and Boy George does/did very interesting things with his scalp. (I do appreciate there’s a world of difference between choosing to take off your hair and losing it through baldness or illness – and I don’t want to make light of that – but the baldhead remains a thing of beauty). There are some fabulous online sites where you can peruse some lovely queer barnets (just search for “lesbian/gay hair”). Do this quickly though, before we’re all barred from Googling certain words in any context. Who sports your favourite celeb haircut? Personally, I always like to see Brad Pitt and Tilda Swinton’s latest dos but it’s those lovely ladies I’ll never speak to, you know the ones who walk down the street who you notice because of how they swish and sashay, they’re the hairdos I like to admire the most.