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Music Editorial

the-shake-appeal.jpg The Shake Appeal

The Shake Appeal look good, don’t they? They sound it, too. 

The Shake Appeal are female fronted! They’re from South Tyneside! And they know how to rock like a mother! As you can probably gather from the picture, they’re a five-piece, and they got together during the dying embers of 2010 banging out some very well received demos. Their new EP – out sometime in June – is a good showcase of what they’re all about which is the kind of alt rock which sounds like it has been constructed from the sparks that fly off sheet metal as it is being cut. There’s not an inch of fat to be found within these four tracks, which are mercifully free of bluster and squeal deliciously over slab-heavy melodies which all stack up rather nicely. They’ve got gigs coming up at Think Tank in Newcastle (7 July), The Central in Gateshead (17 July) and Plugged Inn in Sunderland (27 July) and we imagine they will all be rather massive. 

Seek: theshakeappeal.co.uk