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Stage Editorial

princessand19.jpg The other bus boycott

We all know about Rosa Parks and the Montgomery bus boycott, but in 1963 there was something similar in Bristol, which was also linked to the civil rights movement. It’s against this backdrop that the ‘Princess & The Hustler’ is set, which is coming to Live Theatre.

Despite the 1963 Bristol boycott being a major turning point for black British civil rights, the story is barely known outside of the South West. The boycott, which led to the first Equalities and Discrimination laws, occurred when eighteen-year-old Guy Bailey was refused a job interview by the Bristol Omnibus Company because of the colour of his skin. Set during this period ‘Princess & The Hustler’ is a family drama that tells the story of loveable protagonist, Princess, a cheeky 10-year-old with a plan to win the Weston-Super-Mare Beauty Contest. While Princess explores what it really means to be black and beautiful, her brother, a budding photographer, documents the beginning of an incredibly important moment in black British culture.

Princess & The Hustler, Tuesday 9-Saturday 13 April, Live Theatre, Newcastle, 7.30pm (Sat mat 2pm), £12-£22. live.org.uk