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Music Editorial

mollytuttle19.jpg Well hello, Molly

California’s Molly Tuttle is a bluegrass star on the up and up and you can catch onto her coattails when she visits Sage Gateshead in April.

I say “bluegrass star” with much good reason because in 2017 she became the first woman to win the International Bluegrass Music Association’s Guitar Player of the Year award. But she’s about so much more than bluegrass. On moving to Nashville in 2015 she introduced folk, Americana and traditional country music into her work to produce a real full-bodied sound. And on her new album ‘When You’re Ready’ she’s expanded her range even further, bringing in pop and indie elements such as on lead single ‘Take The Journey’, a song which really takes flight, driven by her extraordinary guitar work and clear as a mountain stream vocals. I’ve not yet experienced her live but I imagine she’s a real force of nature.

Molly Tuttle, Saturday 20 April, Sage Two, Sage Gateshead, 8pm, £13.60. sagegateshead.com