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We love a bit of Art School Girlfriend (her mother calls her Polly Mackey) and we’re pretty sure you will too. She’s playing Cluny 2 in early April.

Art School Girlfriend first made a bit of a name for herself on the London arts scene where she dipped several tentative toes into the blissy waters of shoegaze. She’s since upped sticks, moved to Margate, and the producer, multi-instrumentalist and songwriter is now being garlanded for her forays into wistful electronic pop. Her second EP, ‘Into The Blue Hour’, came out a couple of months ago and it displayed her unerring ability to find a sweet spot and spank it (ever so gently). It has the feel of Everything But The Girl at their most sublime, all twinkling soundscapes and chords which ease over you like cool silk sheets on a warm French Riviera day. She also makes a virtue of finding space where others would find clatter, which suits the melancholic air to a tee. She’s definitely someone in my ‘New Favourite Artists That I Haven’t Yet Seen Live’ file, so I can’t wait for her Newcastle appearance. I’m predicting wonders.

Art School Girlfriend, Friday 5 April, Cluny, Ouseburn, Newcastle, 7.30pm, £8. thecluny.com